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Inspired by a family holiday, where our founder Paul Johnston competed with his youngest daughter to see who could capture the best photos, Tupix is a new social media platform which adds a unique dimension to photo and video sharing. Users can initiate, participate in, vote on or simply enjoy browsing photo and video based challenges and polls covering every topic under the sun. Tupix gamifies the experience of sharing photos and video online, providing features which users find genuinely useful, as well as fun.

At its core is the Tupix Challenge . . . where a user or brand challenges one or more people to submit a photo or video on a specific theme.

The Opportunity

Photo and video sharing is one of the most popular activities on social media. Over 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day, generating 4.2 billion Likes. When Instagram introduced video over 5 million were uploaded in 24 hours. Whatever your interests or involvement in social media, sharing and engaging with photos and videos is likely a massive part of it. Yet the experience is largely limited to posting, liking and commenting. Tupix changes all that, with a uniquely interactive experience.

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With sophisticated cameras in every smartphone we're all photographers now, and a huge portion of global activity every day on social media platforms is sharing images and video. Facebook-owned Instagram, the most popular photo sharing platform, has over 800 million registered users, 500 million of whom are active every day. There are 25 million business profiles on the platform and 2 million active advertisers every month generate an estimated $4 billion in annual revenue. By 2019 Instagram’s annual revenues are expected to reach $10 billion.

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Anyone who is interested in photo or video content on social media is a potential user of Tupix, but our primary audience is photographers and videographers (amateur or professional, bloggers and vloggers) and the people who already follow them on social media. As well as competing with each other for fun, users could be trying to progress their skills, engaging other users/followers, commenting on other entries and so on. Users for whom photography and video forms part of their working life will use Tupix to raise awareness of their work, building audiences and revenue.

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The Tupix platform is free to use, with the primary revenue stream being brand advertising and sponsored posts, driven by in-depth and real-time user data. As well as active users posting or participating in challenges and polls a vital audience (in terms of ad revenue) are the users who simply surf the feeds, liking, sharing and commenting at times, but often just looking, enjoying the content. Our core customers are the brands and businesses who want to reach those users with highly targeted, engaging ads.



Our active monthly user forecasts are conservative, hitting 10 million by the end of 2020. From a first release in Q4 2018 future versions of the platform will not only add additional user functionality to keep it fresh and appealing, but also build revenue streams . . . brand challenges, a stock photo & video marketplace, applications for the education sector . . . to name but a few.

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Our ambition is to produce a platform which people who care about photography and video enjoy using on a regular basis. This target audience includes both professional photographers and enthusiastic amateurs, but also anyone for whom photography or video is a key part of their regular online activity. We want to share our passion for great photography and video. Whilst much of the content on social media in general is and will continue to be cats with funny faces or weddings gone wrong, we want Tupix to encourage and support a thriving community of enthusiastic amateur and professional photographers.

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Paul Johnston

Founder & CEO
  • Background - Design & Marketing Agency Creative Director
  • Skills - Design, photography, idea creation, instagram user

Mat Norbury

Chief Operating Officer
  • Background - Design & Marketing Agency Owner
  • Skills - Creative, commercialisation, implementation

Luke Norbury

Chief Finance Officer
  • Background - Investment banking, SME ownership
  • Skills - Finance, business development, leadership

Andy Nisbet

Chief Technical Officer
  • Background - Digital Product Development Programme Manager
  • Skills - Vast experience across both website and mobile app design and build, managing teams of multiple functions

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